Whether you’re looking for new clients, partners, or just want to expand your network, Let’s Connect Business Professionals has everything you need. Join our community today and start connecting with the best and brightest professionals.

Helping You Connect

eZWay Networking Business Professionals is the ultimate networking platform for professionals. Our platform is designed to help you connect with like-minded individuals and grow your business network.


Welcome to eZWay Networking Business Professionals, the premier networking platform. We are dedicated to bringing together professionals from various industries to foster meaningful connections and facilitate business growth.

Our mission is to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where business professionals can engage, collaborate, and expand their networks.

With a wide range of networking events, workshops, and seminars, we offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships.

The eZWay to Network

Membership Priviledges

Weekly Virtual Networking

Connect Weekly at 3PM EST for an hour long opportunity to share ideas, share your business and connect with like-minded professionals

After Hours Mastermind

Stick around after the Weekly Networking Meeting, were a business problem or challenge is presented – advice, solutions and nuggets are offered.

Professional Online Events

Many of our members also hold online events. Gain access to a variety of networking and development events, webinars an sessions.

Private Community

Connect with people you meet in networking meetings to continue conversations, with access to contact info to set-up one-on-one meetings.

Mini Online Learning Courses

Take advantage of short mini-courses to improve your bottom line. Offered exclusively Let’s Connect VIP Community Members to help your business grow.

1-2-1 Relationship Building

Connect with our founders:
Leon Bassett,
Michael Bloomquist, or
Alejandra Lozano.


Build Your Network

eZWay Networking, Mega Pitch Parties

Are you a coach, speaker, entrepreneur? Do you want to get you or your business out there more? Perhaps you need help with branding your business to do this? How would you like to make all these problems you’re facing turn into solutions? This is what eZWay Network can do for you.

eZWayi Explainer

eZWayi Social Network Platform

eZWay Network’s new social network cartoon explainer video truly breaks down to our new users our functionality and rewards. Our intuitive platform stands as a beacon in the digital marketplace, enabling users to foster powerful partnerships, leverage innovative marketing strategies, and access a vast library of resources. 

10 Minute eZWay Network Software Overview

eZWay Network Software

Want to learn what exactly eZWay Network does and how we have a step above our competition? Why we say we provide next level networking and we go beyond branding? Want this 10 min demo on our network and how it works.

Let's Connect VIP Team

Dr. Eric J. Zuley

Founder, Chairman & CEO

James Zuley


Dr. Dante Sears

Managing Director, COO

Matt J. Doyle

VP of Sales and Membership


Beverly Zeimet

eZWay Networking has truly changed by business life. I’m a digital entrepreneur that helps businesses utilizing the Metaverse and I’m also a podcaster.  I wasn’t making the money I wanted and needed to make. After becoming a platinum member and signing up with the eZWay Podcast program. Everything has changed for me. I’m getting paying clients now on a consistent basis and the people I am meeting through the eZWay Network are all successful experts willing to help my business grow. eZWay also helped me with my re-branding which is also a big reason for the new daily business we are now attracting.

Joe Moore

Leon is one of the most positive people I know and only wishes the very best for everyone he comes into contact with! Michael has been the consummate professional. Their values shine through as they are driving “Let’s Connect” to a global resource to meet great people who do great things together.

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